Steve is dogisimo’s primary contributor.

Steve grew up near the city of Hamburg in northern Germany where he was actively involved in training dogs since his early teenage years. Steve joined the SV (Germany’s shepherd club) OG Blankeneese at the age of 15 and started to handle his first own dog at the age of 16. At the age of 17, Steve had moved on to the highly competitive OG Appen Etz (LG1) Schutzhund club where he was able to work with dogs that competed at the highest national level (Bundessiegerpruefung).


In 1986, Steve joined a German Red Cross rescue dog team in Hamburg-Altona, one of Germany’s most experienced search dog teams at that time. During his ten-year tenure with the team, Steve trained and handled several different dogs in trailing, area search and disaster search. Steve and his dogs were deployed in countless search and rescue mission ranging from missing person searches in the wilderness to urban disaster searches (i.e. after gas explosions). In addition, Steve was selected twice to serve in international red cross rapid response missions after the major earth quakes in Armenia (former USSR) and eastern Turkey. He eventually received the second highest recognition awarded by the International Red Cross for outstanding services.



Steve moved to the United States in 1997 where he is currently the President of a Silicon Valley software company. Steve is working with dogs again. His particular interest is compulsion free Schutzhund training – a training style completely based on positively reinforced operand conditioning. His German Shepherd Dog “Andy” loves it!

“Sam” chilling at the Frankfurt Airport after returning from a search mission in Erzincan, Turkey 1992. Sam was one heck of a rescue dog…



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