The Risks and Benefits of Vaccinating Puppies and Dogs

As responsible dog owners, most of us follow an annual routine. We take our dogs to their vet for their booster shots. In the end, we don’t want them to catch a deadly disease so we vaccinate them against everything there is a vaccine for. And we feel good about it. But wait a minute, I see my primary physician at least once per year and I know for sure that […]


Natural Foods for Dogs

Your dog and a healthy diet A healthy and balanced diet is probably one of the most important pillars of your dog’s health. Unfortunately, many dog owners have conveniently surrendered their responsibility for the well-being of their dogs to pet food conglomerates. After all, it is a lot more convenient to buy a bag of dog food from a company that woos you with fancy advertising slogans than to do […]


What foods are bad for dogs

What foods are bad for dogs: The good, the bad and the really ugly Do you know what to do if your dog eats chocolate? At this point, I am sure that most people know that feeding chocolate to dogs is a really bad idea. But what about broccoli, onions or salmon? The list below will provide you with a glimpse of what human food products are potentially dangerous if fed […]


Understanding Dog Food Ingredients

Only the best (or what you are really feeding your dog). Understanding Dog Food Ingredients. If you believe in what you see on TV, the only thing your dog needs for a long and healthy life is care, exercise and premium [enter brand here] dog food. This is because the American pet food industry with revenues of more than $11 billion has nothing other than the well-being of your pet on […]


Poison for dogs

Health Hazards: Poison for dogs Getting a dog is like bringing home a baby. We have to take a hard look at our living space to make sure that there are no hidden dangers for our new arrival. In fact, many of the items that we commonly use in or around our house are potential health hazards for dogs. These hazards range from electrical cords to small items (swallow) and […]


Dogs and Ticks

Terrifying Ticks In most areas of the United States, ticks are active from about April to November, but with California’s temperate climate, adult ticks are also abundant between late October and March. Ticks are not only an irritant. Tick bites can transmit diseases that cause serious illness in dogs and even humans. Without a doubt, some of the more dangerous diseases transmitted by ticks are Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis, RMSF (Rocky Mountain […]