Dogisimo is all about motivational and positive training methods. If you don’t exactly know what that means, you may want to take a look at our dog training fundamentals in chapters 1 to 12 listed below. After reading through those, you should have a good understanding on how to approach your training. There are many ways, but they are not all equal!

If you are experienced – you still may want to take a look and refresh your memory, especially if you have used a pinch collar as an essential training accessory in the past…

I believe it is always better to know too much about the subject of dog training before you start than not enough. Last but not least, it’s free…. So hey, why not?

One more thing before I get started. This “Fundamentals” secion is rather long.  To improve page-loading times, I have broken it down into several chapters and in some cases even sub-chapters.  An  overview and link to all chapters is below.

There are links at the end of each page, which make it easy to navigate between pages and chapters.  Feel free to poke around, but if you are new to dog training, I highly recommend that you read the entire Fundamentals section before you start with any practical training.


1.) All dogs are different

2.) Pack Theory – or how your dog fits in

3.) Dominant Dogs

4.) Underdogs

5.) Understanding your dogs language

6.) Communicating with your dog

7.) How dogs learn

8.) Motivating your dog

9.) Rewarding your dog

10.) Getting to the right behavior

11.) Training tools

12.) Teaching your dog


At the end of the last chapter is a link to the first practical training exercise. Let’s get started:

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