Training Fundamentals Part 2: Pack Theory

2.) Pack Theory – or how our dog fits in. Dogs don’t practice democracy. Dogs are pack animals just like their ancestor the wolf. A pack is a social structure where some pack members rank above and, with the exception of the pack leader, below others. Your dog views your family as his pack. Generally, members of a pack fall into the following, basic hierarchy: Dominant dogs: Very headstrong dogs […]


Training Fundamentals Part 1: All Dogs are Different.

1.) All Dogs are Different. Let me start with a short story: Back in the days when my parents allowed me to get my first dog, I bought a nine weeks old German shepherd puppy from a reputable Kennel in Karlsruhe in southern Germany. Since the City of Karlsruhe is an eight hour drive away from my hometown in the north, I only had a few hours to select my […]


Training Fundamentals Part 5: Your dog's language

5.) Understanding your dog’s language. Just like in wolf packs, most of the communication between dogs happens on a non-verbal basis. Visual (facial expressions, gestures and body language), tactile (nudging and touching) and olfactory (smell) communication plays a much more important role for dogs than it does for humans. For example, dogs are able to utilize just their tail for ten different signals. Breeds like German shepherds, Rottweiler and Malamutes […]