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Training Fundamentals Part 3: Dominant dogs

3.) Dominant dogs If you are visiting this website because your dog displays some of the typical alpha-dog attitude (regardless of whether it truly belongs in the dominant category or not), you may be already in trouble. It is a lot more difficult to regain your position as pack leader in your family than it is to establish and maintain it in the first place. Some dogs are naturally born […]


Training Fundamentals Part 2: Pack Theory

2.) Pack Theory – or how our dog fits in. Dogs don’t practice democracy. Dogs are pack animals just like their ancestor the wolf. A pack is a social structure where some pack members rank above and, with the exception of the pack leader, below others. Your dog views your family as his pack. Generally, members of a pack fall into the following, basic hierarchy: Dominant dogs: Very headstrong dogs […]


Training Fundamentals Part 1: All Dogs are Different.

1.) All Dogs are Different. Let me start with a short story: Back in the days when my parents allowed me to get my first dog, I bought a nine weeks old German shepherd puppy from a reputable Kennel in Karlsruhe in southern Germany. Since the City of Karlsruhe is an eight hour drive away from my hometown in the north, I only had a few hours to select my […]